Speaker Bio – Brownwyn Stocks

Brownwyn Stocks

Brownwyn Stocks

Principal, Büro Architecture

Bronwyn  is Büro’s architect’s researcher, writer, and manager and is involved in with the design and documentation process  of interiors and planning. She provides a critical overview for Büro’s projects and ensures each is thoroughly developed and rigorously tested. With extensive knowledge of, and numerous contacts in the contemporary art world, Bronwyn also provides art consultancy for clients.

She will join her colleague Paul von Chrismar in this workshop.

Workspace Design

Current (fresh) thinking about workspace design. We don’t want to bore people by going over old ground but we do believe there are some new things to be said.

Some good examples from the last couple of years:

“Where workspace design got derailed” – Some not so good examples

“We need to belong” – over-flexibility can be as big a problem as a static workspace – personal vs communal space

“One size does not fit all” – bespoke workspace design and understanding the client – the Büro approach.  

“Do try this at home” – where small individual steps can make a big difference.