Speaker Bio – Erica Hughes

Erica Hughes

Erica Hughes

Head of Change Delivery at Westpac

Erica is a senior executive with an extensive background in corporate leadership, business transformation and change management. She is currently Head of Change Delivery and Integration at Westpac Bank in Sydney where she leads a large practice of change management professionals delivering over 200 projects each year into Westpac’s Australian business.  Erica leads the enterprise change management for Westpac’s Agile adoption and is the co-founder of the Westpac Garage, an extreme accelerator and amplifier of innovation at Westpac.

Erica has had senior executive roles leading transformation in financial services, health and the IT industry.  Erica has led major transformation programs at ANZ Bank, National Australia Bank and Westpac Bank in Australia as well as for the International Finance Corporation, a division of the World Bank, in South Africa and in Asia.  Erica was also involved in the transformation of Australia and New Zealand’s credit bureaux industry through her work at Veda Advantage and led the expansion of credit bureaux services into Asia. Erica has also established several start-ups in the field of medical devices, gene therapy and pharmaceutical clinical trials.

“Change and Revolution”

To deliver a revolution takes a revolution in the way an organisation operates. As Head of Change Delivery, Erica realised   Westpac would need new ways of working and thinking in the quest to achieve their vision of “a revolution in customer service”.

In her talk, you’ll hear about the change and transformation journey that Westpac has been on and the strategy around making it successful. In particular, you’ll discover Westpac’s Lean Startup Garage, a space and team that rapidly innovates on both products and practices. She will explain how they borrow concepts from the world of lean and agile thinking, to help the company learn about its offerings and it’s ways.