Speaker Bio – Gerard Murphy

Gerard Murphy

Gerard Murphy

Director - Gerard Murphy Consulting

As a founding director of Leading Teams and now Gerard Murphy Consulting, Gerard is recognised as a shaper of team culture, his involvement a catalyst for success in sporting organisations such Geelong and Richmond AFL clubs, Super 15 teams the Wellington Hurricanes and Melbourne Rebels, the New Zealand Breakers basketball team, the Australian rowing team, as well as a range of UK sporting organisations including West Ham United and the Great Britain Olympic team.

Gerard’s methods and message are trusted in the business world too, in companies like Caterpillar, Telstra, MessageMedia, Cotton On, Fonterra, Quiksilver, Surfing Australia and the Fair Work Commission.

He brings to Spark the Change a formula for cultivating team success through simple messaging, honesty and faith in people.

Great Teams

The hallmarks of a successful, driven team are recognisable, regardless of context and environment. Trust, discipline in commitment to team norms, single-mindedness and in each team member, an ability to give and receive feedback for improvement. These things exist within high performing groups in professions and in sport.

Some issues that he will cover in his talk:

  • The belief: If the dynamics of the team are right – everything else follows
  • Team goals – is there a team here?

Leading Team Culture is…..

  • how we BEHAVE, not what we say
  • the culture of your team/org is the behaviour that you reward
  • behaviours – not catch phrases
  • leaders modeling behaviours
  • knowing your people

High performing teams:

  • make it safe to speak about performance
  • have standing, self determined agreements about their behaviours 
  • embrace conflict, but manage it with these agreed behaviours
  • willingly enter an agreement to celebrate but also to call out behaviours.