Speaker Bio – Natalia Manidis

Natalia Manidis

Natalia Manidis

Community Manager, Envato

Natalia heads up community strategy and operations for Envato, a two-sided market for digital products and services. With its fiercely passionate forum discussions, global meetups and competitive creative challenges, Envato’s community is the lifeblood of the organisation. And Natalia drives the team that keeps it moving.

Before Envato, Natalia managed the translator community at Japanese startup Gengo and ran Straight Talk, a national Oxfam event connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women with federal politicians.

Natalia is happy to be back in her adopted hometown, Melbourne, after a short stint in San Francisco, a slightly longer one in Tokyo and a backpacking adventure from Nicaragua to the Netherlands. In her spare time, she runs, eats and tries to remember how to speak Japanese.

Natalia will be leading the Community as a leadership discipline workshop, with her colleague Venessa Paech.

Community as a leadership discipline

Community management is a well established digital discipline, usually synonymous with building desired engagement or momentum in a group, around a brand, product or idea. As Chief Community Officers become more common, community thinkers are being called on by management for insights into human systems thinking. Are the CEOs of the future community managers? And how can community management re-energise leadership practice?