Speaker Bio – Paul von Chrismar

Paul von Chrismar

Paul von Chrismar

Director of Büro: Architecture Interiors Planning

Paul von Chrismar is an architect with twenty years’ experience, and he will be sharing his knowledge with you in a Workplace Design workshop. He is the founder of Büro, a design-focused practice based in North Melbourne.

He believes that the very best design comes from great conversation and collaboration. Working closely with clients and project teams, Paul ensures that every stage of the design, research, and planning process is handled thoroughly and with care. In all of our work, whether it is residential, commercial, community-based, or master planning, Büro is committed to creating spaces and places that are a joy to experience.

Paul will be joined by his colleague Dr Bronwyn Stocks.

Workspace Design

Current (fresh) thinking about workspace design. We don’t want to bore people by going over old ground but we do believe there are some new things to be said.

Some good examples from the last couple of years:

“Where workspace design got derailed” – Some not so good examples

“We need to belong” – over-flexibility can be as big a problem as a static workspace – personal vs communal space

“One size does not fit all” – bespoke workspace design and understanding the client – the Büro approach.  

“Do try this at home” – where small individual steps can make a big difference.