Speaker Bio – Simon Bristow

Simon Bristow

Simon Bristow

Program Manager, MYOB

Simon Bristow is a Vespa rider, full time Program Manager at MYOB and wants to be a professional cyclist when he grows up. He’s had a bunch of different roles in software development for the last 20 years, working in an agile way for the last 15. At his current role he wanted to think about Program and Portfolio Management in a fresh way, using everything he’d learnt at the team level, and apply it to the portfolio. There’s a surprising simplicity to Portfolio Management if you use lean and agile principles as your foundation. However, it’s a challenge to influence years of ingrained thinking and behavior: team self-selection was just one experiment to attempt to do this.


Team Self-selection workshop

Simon and Alex Barreto will run a self-selection activity based on the framework developed by Sandy Mamoli at Nomad8 and our their experience at running the activity at MYOB.

Participants (and observers) will leave with enough knowledge, practical experience and guidelines to run an exercise of their own.

We will need to cap the simulation phase to 20 people, although we can cater for observers.

Workshop outline

  • Intro to the self-selection workshop
  • Self-selection simulation
  • Break into two groups: the ‘pitch’ team, and ‘development’ team
  • Pitch creation – Pitch team
  • 3 groups each containing people representing Product Manager/Technical Lead/BA
  • Prepare 3 slide pitch base don pre-canned scenario and constraints
  • Self-selection brainstorm – Development team
  • While the pitch teams are working, brainstorm the value of self-selection and why organisations would run self-selection
  • Run Self-selection exercise
  • Pitch to teams, following 3 or 4 rounds of self-selection, pausing between each rounds to capture observations and learnings
  • Retro
  • Recap of the brainstorm exercise, and what we learned through the simulation
  • Takeaways
  • Run through of the self-selection toolkit