Speaker Bio – Therese Joyce

Therese Joyce

Therese Joyce

Associate Director, Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne

Therese Joyce is the Associate Director of the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne.  She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology and has twenty years’ experience in management and leading change.

Therese is a highly sought after trainer and speaker, who has developed and delivered keynote presentations, interactive workshops and training in 15 countries across Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Americas. Her areas of expertise include Appreciative Inquiry, Resilience, Mindfulness and Positive Leadership.

Therese has also studied comedy and physical theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts and plays in an Afro-Brazilian percussion group based in Melbourne.

Appreciative Inquiry workshop

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a four step process that extends a call to action, inviting participants to move forward together towards positive change.  In this workshop, Therese will share her experience in using AI with organisations such as Bush Heritage Australia, Accenture, and one time completely in Danish!  

The process has been called a “Positive Revolution in Change” and used by groups as large as 500 CEOs, Civil Society and UN leaders at the United Nations Global Compact Summit, as well as in one-to-one coaching sessions and thousands of small, medium and large business environments around the world.

Therese will present a brief overview of the theory of Appreciative Inquiry, including recent science on the benefits of taking an appreciative approach.  She will share her experience in using AI with Educational organisations across North America, Bush Heritage Australia, Accenture UK, and one time completely in Danish at the Damkjaergaard Fyn.

Participants will then experience a mini-AI summit, and apply to their own situation the four steps of

  1. Discover – Identifying the positive core – what is working
  2. Dream – Mapping opportunities of what could be
  3. Design – Creation of a Provocative Proposition, and
  4. Destiny – Designing and committing to an Action plan, and building a new reality

The workshop will be fast-paced and highly interactive, encouraging participants to immerse in reflection, tools, theory, practice, and most importantly, relevant real life applications.  

Participants are encouraged to think through how they can apply the ideas to the real issues that they face at work, and to gain hands-on experience of activities in a supportive environment.

AI is a realistic and constructive way to involve all key stakeholders and approach change without being swamped and stuck in fear and negativity.