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Morning sessions



Collect your festival wristband and name sticker and have a coffee or tea.

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Yvonne Adele and Professor Peter Gahan

Peter Gahan, the Director of the Centre for Workplace Leadership will welcome us to the Copland Theatre, with Yvonne Adele setting the tone for the rest of the day.


Visual Recording

Lynne Cazaly and Marcel van Hove

A lightning talk session from two of Melbourne’s best visual recorders and visual facilitators, introducing how your to make your conference (and meeting) notes memorable. Don’t forget to bring something to draw on and with.


Jurgen Appelo

Manage the System not the people

Being an effective manager in a learning, creative organisation of the future means something very different to what we’ve known management to be. Managing people is about managing the system, not the people, facilitating the conditions under which workers naturally excel.



Coffee made by Cafe Blac, sponsored by Nitro PDF


Steve Sammartino

The Future of Business is small

The future of business is small, nimble and responsive. Technology and connectedness has fragmented every aspect of what we have known to be true about business for so long. Businesses that survive this ongoing shift will look and act very differently.


Angela Ferguson

Exploring Spaces

The working space we experience is an enormous influence on both our effectiveness and happiness. Coming together each day (in a physical sense) remains important to many organisations, leading them to seek more suitable spaces to encourage communication, collaboration and the development of identity and culture.


Helen Souness

The Big Make – your new boss is in the mirror

Can you imagine a time when the creation and sale of quality hand made goods, sold direct to the consumer from the makers home, rivals the output of commercial manufacturing? Etsy can. It’s called “the big make”, and we’re seeing it happen before our eyes. For many, the future of work means trading of their own ingenuity and skills, and looking at the boss each morning in the mirror.


Jason Fox

The Search for Meaning

We’ve come to learn that a sense of meaning, mastery and autonomy are key to a person’s happiness – which all sounds well and good, but how do we actually get this happening at work? In this insightful session, Dr Fox will unpack the science of motivation through the lens of game design, giving you practical new ways to positively influence motivation and happiness at work.




After lunch sessions


Panel Q&A

Jurgen, Steve, Angela, Helen, and Jason will be answering the questions that have been submitted during their talks. Dare staff will be accepting written questions between sessions. Tweet questions to @DareFestAU and/or #DareFest.


Luke Giuliani

Personal development through education is undergoing a huge shift. The traditional, institution centred model is fragmenting, as the internet democratises access to more and information. Self selected, specific learning, offered a comparatively low cost is making a big dent in the future of learning. The Fitzroy school of getting shit done shows that access to mentorship, advice and inspiration is what many future students will seek.


James Law

The new HR leadership

Most successful businesses managed to become so before they thought of developing an HR division. If that division disappeared, those companies would go on, producing or selling what they sell. Not too many firms sell HR. James is part of a new brand in HR leadership, focused on contributing to culture building and meeting organisational goals through a different vision of what HR can be.


Kerri Rusnak

Leadership based on values

Organisations are comprised of people. They seek self expression through their work. Business leaders have a part to play in providing an environment for that. Helping people find work life “extension”, making their contribution more than a job. In doing so, workers become happier and (as a fortunate by-product!) more effective.



Coffee made by Cafe Blac, sponsored by Nitro PDF


Shawn Callahan

Tell your story

The meeting is dead, long live the meeting! Professional collaboration and communication are areas of daily life that people are generally left to work out for themselves. With channels of communication multiplying seemingly daily, the skills we develop in really getting through to one another could make or break any of us. Story telling is a craft that can help teams of the future be more effective in communicating.


Nigel Dalton

Big company, fast company. It can be done.

Doing business at scale, successfully for a long time, is really hard. Even the oldest firms, with the strongest market hold can find themselves the victims of fragmentation and disruption. So how does a large organisation structure itself to be adaptive? To move fast in the face of competition? To innovate? Australian agile software companies like REA are teaching big business how.


Panel Q&A

Luke, James, Kerri, Shawn, and Nigel  will be answering the questions that have been submitted during their talks. Dare staff will be accepting written questions between sessions. Tweet questions to @DareFestAU and/or #DareFest.


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