Speaker Bio – Venessa Paech

Venessa Paech

Venessa Paech

Communications & PR Manager, Envato

Venessa is Global Communications and PR Manager for digital marketplace Envato, whose 5 million member strong community is one of the most remarkable I’ve ever worked with. She holds an MA in Creative Media with a research focus in virtual ethnography from the University of Brighton (UK) and a BFA from New York University.

She has also worked as Senior Manager for Community & Content Strategy at Australia’s leading property media company REA Group (realestate.com.au), and Head of Community at Lonely Planet.

Venessa founded Australia’s national conference for online community managers, Swarm,  and is asked to speak, train or comment on online communities, social media, content and our digital lives. She spells her first name with an ‘e’ and her surname rhymes with ‘cake’. She is also a working choreographer and sings in a band or two when they let her.

Venessa will be leading the Community as a leadership discipline workshop, with her colleague Natalia Manidis.

Community as a leadership discipline

Community management is a well established digital discipline, usually synonymous with building desired engagement or momentum in a group, around a brand, product or idea. As Chief Community Officers become more common, community thinkers are being called on by management for insights into human systems thinking. Are the CEOs of the future community managers? And how can community management re-energise leadership practice?