Speaker Bio – Lorena Healey

Lorena Healey

Lorena Healey

Lorena Healey Consulting

Lorena is an independent consultant passionate about making organisations better.  Lorena helps her clients achieve greater commercial success with her pragmatic approach to maximising their people and engagement initiatives. Prior to starting her own business Lorena worked at SEEK as Group Organisational Development Manager. As SEEK experienced rapid expansion in both its services and geographic footprint, Lorena led initiatives to maximise organisational design, performance, talent, employee engagement and leadership capability. Her role ensured SEEK had the culture it needed to execute on its ambitious business strategy as well as being recognised as a Hewitt Best Employer. In 2014, Lorena created Lorena Healey Consulting Pty Ltd so she could work with other organisations on reaching their potential. Lorena is an experienced facilitator and coach and is passionate about solving business problems using innovative people strategies. Previously she has worked for Seek, Hudson and PwC

Organisational design

How organisational design is like building a house – how to avoid constructing your structure on dodgy foundations.

Many of us have faced the task of redesigning an organisational or team structure with dread. Any structure design (or redesign) will inevitably prompt decisions to be made that require trade-offs and compromises. As this involves people, it gets tricky and the decisions can be hard.

What makes this task even more daunting is that we’ve all seen the number of times redesigns fail to achieve any great payoff or improvement…..meaning we are left scratching our head, wondering where our reward for effort has gone.

In this workshop, Lorena will highlight why you should resist the temptation to start moving boxes and lines on your org chart and challenge yourself to consider organisational structures in a different light. In doing so, you’ll have some simple principles to use to ensure your structure is built on solid ground – and any changes you make to it only strengthen it.

In this workshop, we’ll identify;

–       The tensions that exist in your organisational structure that make processes or decisions harder than they need to be

–       The strengths & deficits in your current structure

–       The mindsets that might help or hinder your success (regardless of structure)