What is Spark the Change?

What is Spark the Change?

Spark the Change Melbourne is part a global series of events held in London, Toronto and Antwerp. Spark the Change Melbourne is an event for the whole organisation that brings together leaders from across the business to explore how they can work together to create lasting and total change. Talks and workshops offer inspiring examples and practical advice on taking action and overcoming obstacles.

Below you’ll find the key topics that Spark will cover, themes that act as the foundation for building organisations we want to work in.

Encouraging the best from employees is more important than ever in today’s world, and Spark is devoted to making your company a dynamic, happy place to work – from delivering fast innovation to growing high-performing teams through inspiring leadership.

Learn from the leading-edge experiments of radical companies, including flattening the hierarchy, employee ownership, democratic decision-making and holacracy. Develop skills and plans in the workshops in order to return, ready to make change happen.

Why attend Spark the Change?

Organisations with motivated employees grow faster and are more profitable. They have lower rates of absenteeism, lower turnover and reduced costs. These aren’t ‘soft’ benefits – they are the marks of success.

As the world of work changes around us we need to change with it. Spark the Change is all about structuring your organisation and your work so that people are happy, productive and innovative.

Discover. Observe. Network

Who is Spark the Change for?

Spark the change is not about IT, HR or strategy – it is about your organisation and how you can focus on the whole, not a single part.

Interlocking systems resist change. If you replace a single part of a system – the other parts can falter. The pressure to revert to the previous way of working becomes almost over-whelming.

Normally advocates for change focus on a single discipline and ultimately fail to make lasting change. Spark the Change shows you how to avoid the traps and overcome obstacles by leveraging the whole organisation.

That means leaders and managers from all areas of the organisation should attend. You’ll find Spark the Change even more valuable if you can persuade colleagues from outside your own discipline to attend with you.

Themes for Spark the Change

Organising the Organisation

Natural hierarchies / flat structures

Leadership without politics; decisions without democracy

Freedom vs efficiency – exploding the myths of centralisation

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – Performance measures that work

Unleashing People

Imagine, innovate, achieve – the trinity of creativity

Trust and partnership – employee ownership in action

The one who says no – redefining management power

Fighting fear – analysing what we give up when we change the way we work

Disruption & Change

Riding or drowning? The technology wave

Failing early and often – how to embed experimentation

Survival of the most open – mastering new tools, new skills & new challenges

Balancing short term responsiveness with long-term objectives

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