Spark the Change

A Conference about meaning and purpose in work

1 May 2018, Melbourne

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Create work you can believe in

Connecting and inspiring people to build stronger, purposeful and more meaningful organisations

We are part of a global series of events in Amsterdam, London, Pune, Paris, Montreal and Toronto.


These themes tie together to form the structure of the conference. The event is designed to help you learn and be inspired to be purpose driven as an individual; to develop your skills to lead and shape your organisation to do work that matters; helping you create organisations with purpose.



You will learn how to start making a change in your own work and life by finding and living through purpose. Learn the skills, methods and practices others have used to engage themselves in all aspects of their life.

Read our article “A letter to your future self” – a letter you write at Spark the Change to yourself and which we will send back to you a month post conference!

Stories of Inspiration

You will be inspired by stories of people that you can relate to about bringing purpose back into their work. Learn from the lessons and principles they have identified in their journeys.


Purpose and Meaning

Learn how leaders have used the ‘why’ to create and evolve organisations with purpose, motivating, empowering and engaging staff in the vision of their organisation. Learn how purpose and meaning in organisations is balanced with long term commercial sustainability and goals.

Partnering for Social Impact

Learn about how businesses, corporations and for- purpose organisations partner for positive social impact. Learn how to build the internal support to make a great idea into reality. Hear about the all-round benefits for those involved.



Show support for inspired people doing work that they believe in and enjoy. If you contribute to the conference and the cause, you are saying you believe you can make a difference and you will attract inspired people who want to make one too. This is how you make a contribution as an organisation or an individual.

Collaboration, community, belongingness

Connecting with like minded people is important, so you will be taught how to foster genuine connections through workplace collaboration. The event will also connect you with those outside your immediate professional circle through the conference’s inclusive design.

Find out more about these themes and the origin and history of Spark the Change…

Praise for previous editions

Fantastic day.…Interesting ideas, debate and people. Much more inspiring than other conferences I have been to.

Jessica Lowe HR Manager, Dius

Compared to similar events I have been to, the level of interaction and engagement…was fantastic. Well done!

Patrick Harrop Portfolio Strategy Manager, NAB

Post-conference buzz is a really good measure . I’m still buzzing, three days later, that’s gotta be a good thing.

Cameron Jones Project Delivery Manager, Envato

I learnt new techniques, I found the speakers diverse and well selected, and I found the format… very conducive to learning. It was my first time attending but it was the best conference I have attended in 3 years.


Ruth Baxter, University of Melbourne

There was a mix of Academic, Business, Tech, HR, Marketing AND Operations – instead of the normal social media types you always find in the room, who are wired to talk about new things.

Cat Fraser, Re-imagi

I am so excited that there is a group of people in Melbourne coming together to talk about the importance and necessity of the collaborative innovative workplace.


Gayle Smerdon


Inspire yourself! Don’t miss out.


Tuesday 1 May, 2018
Storey Hall, RMIT University
Building 16, 336-348 Swanston St
Melbourne VIC 3000


Inspiring thoughts, deserve an inspiring location. We are lucky to have RMIT’s Storey Hall as the venue for Spark the Change.

Storey Hall’s appearance and functions are as excitingly diverse as its history. Built by the Hibernian Australasian Catholic Benefit Society as a meeting hall in 1887, the building was an important symbol of social and political protest. RMIT’s archives document some of the diverse activities – artistic, political and sporting – that took place in Storey Hall. In 1907 it was the site of an exhibition of works by Sir Arthur Streeton. Crowds also gathered in 1911 to witness Clarence Weber, representing Australia, wrestle Alex Bain of New Zealand to defeat in the shortest time on record. Storey Hall has been the venue suffrage rallies, St Patrick’s Day marches, classical and rock concerts and – legend has it – a performance by Dame Nellie Melba. Today’s powerful purple and green colours recall the hall’s earlier life as a place for feminist debate and Catholic activism.

It was remodelled in 1995, when it received an ultra-modern extension, featuring geometric-shaped windows and tiles. While the remodelling preserved the original, heritage-protected building, the extension includes references to Melbourne’s architectural past, while showing what can be done with modern design and architectural techniques and technology.

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