We would like to help you to take what you hear and learn at Spark the Change, and be able to use the ideas, knowledge and inspiration, once you go back to your everyday life. After all, what’s the point of coming if you don’t apply something that makes a positive change in the long term?

One of the ideas we have is that we think will add value and longevity to your experience, is to collect a letter to yourself, that we then mail to you a month after the conference. It’s a letter to yourself in the future.


We hope that if you capture your thinking and inspiration in the moment and then receive it in the future, it will give you a nudge that you will find useful. We want you to feel inspired and we want to encourage you to have a dialogue with yourself.

We also want to do something different, we don’t want Spark the Change to be just a talking shop, and not very active. This is one small piece of the puzzle, but hopefully will be a part of a conference experience that you remember.

How will it work?

At the beginning of the day, we will provide you all with an envelope and a piece of paper. You can put your home address or your work address on there, but at the end of the day, you give it to us and we will mail it to you in around a month’s time.

We’d encourage you use this in whichever way you think will provide you the most value.

Some of the ways you could use it:

  • For each presentation, you could pick one really special point or idea and write them on the paper, so that when you receive the letter you get re-inspired.
  • You could get someone else to write on your paper, sharing a message they think is powerful, or putting their name and number there for you to re-connect.
  • You could write one inspirational line, reminding yourself how you felt, hoping it will reignite  that emotion within you.
  • You could send yourself some encouragement. We know ourselves better than others do and often we understand the type of validation we require better than anyone else, use this to your advantage!

Thanks for reading!

PS – If you haven’t registered yet, you know what to do!