Richard’s specialism is in applying psychology and organisational science to help organisations, teams and individuals become more flexible, resilient and innovative.

He is the founder and organiser of the long-running Organisational Agility & Positive Psychology meetup group at the University of Melbourne – all about how people can apply the emerging science of Positive Psychology to create thriving, human-friendly workplaces. He has lectured as part of the University of Melbourne Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, where is a current student.

Talk/Active Session – ‘Find your Ikigai- Purpose the Japanese Way’

Outcome of session – participants will  complete a simple personal Ikigai canvas.

The session will:

  • Develop a basic understanding of ikigai, the origins of the word and its uses in Japanese and western culture
  • Cover the relation between ikigai and what research tells us about things like happiness/wellbeing, resilience, creativity etc
  • Provide an introduction to character strengths, what the research shows us in terms of their importance for ikigai in relation to enjoyment, psychological flow, values and meaning
  • During the session the participants will also complete their Ikigai canvas, touching on their values, their strengths, their gifts, and things that bring them joy in everyday life.
  • Conclude with identifying a small insignificant step each participant can take build ikigai into their life