Sandy is a former Olympian, a geek, a gadget junkie, international speaker and author of “Creating Great Teams – How Self-Selection Lets People Excel”. She has a masters degree in artificial intelligence and knows heaps about Agile. Sandy also speaks three languages, German and Danish as well as English! From working with global enterprises in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Copenhagen to being one of New Zealand’s leading coaches, she brings her practical flair and passionate advocacy of all things Agile to businesses around the world.

Talk – ‘Decentralising leadership: a story of Holacracy in practice’

In her session ‘Decentralising leadership: a story of Holacracy in practice’ Sandy will share her story of implementing Holacracy at a New Zealand tech company, whose CTO gave her a one-line instruction: “I’d like you to make it happen.”

Participants will learn about Holacracy in practice including:

  • how to get started
  • the journey Sandy went on with her client
  • success factors
  • could it work in your organisation?