Create social and economic value with your business

Spark the Change Melbourne, is part of a global series of independently organised events that are also held in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, India and Canada.

Taking advantage of our contacts, we asked Marjan de Jong, a Social Impact expert and Social Entrepreneur, who is based in The Netherlands, what businesses can learn from Social Enterprises; combining purpose, with profit.

Although she can’t be with us in person on 1 May, we really appreciate the insights and her contribution. Thanks, Marjan!

For those of you already registered for SparkMEL, we hope this video will help you to start thinking about meaning and purpose in the workplace, and that it stimulates communication with the people you will meet at the conference.

For those who haven’t registered yet, we hope that it provides insight on some of the themes of the event.

The full lineup of speakers, panelists and facilitators includes:

  • Trent Innes MD Xero, winner 2017 HR Awards Champion of the Year and CEO Magazine MD of the Year
  • Sandy Mamoli on Decentralising leadership– a story of Holocracy in Practice.
  • Find your Ikigai – Purpose the Japanese way with Richard Tri Parton. Find greater purpose and joy in your own life and work.
  • Angel Dixon on Universal Design for diversity and inclusion
  • Sammy J- Comedian and Ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia
  • And other inspiring, thought provoking and amazing contributors.
We will have more insights from our global network and also from people who will be on stage at Spark the Change Melbourne, in upcoming blog posts, so please come back to see them.
PS – On Monday 9 April, use the code MONDAY for $40 off the normal price, so don’t miss out.