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Spark The Change MEL 2019

Friday 13 September 2019

Engaging people in workplaces and society…

…by exploring the relationship between meaning, purpose and profit.

RMIT University, Storey Hall | Melbourne, Australia

Figures show that more than 80% of people are disengaged with the work that they do. How can we address that issue and help people to be more engaged, and find purpose in work and also in their communities? The speakers at Spark the Change can show you how to connect purpose to work, as well as profit

Spark the Change is designed to inspire and engage people & organisations who want to change themselves and improve the world, by building stronger businesses, happier workplaces and resilient communities that are prepared for the future.

We are part of a global movement that aims to inspire change and rethink the future of work and society. Leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, academics, designers, architects, engineers, creators meet at Spark the Change.

Our Themes

Learn and be inspired in three areas:

Personal — Broaden your thinking

Create change in your life by finding and living through purpose. Learn the skills, methods and practices others have used to engage themselves in all aspects of their life.

Organisation — Improve your workplace

Hear how leaders have used the ‘why’ to create and evolve their organisations. Learn how purpose and meaning in organisations is balanced with long term commercial sustainability and goals.

Community - Positive Impact

Believe you can make a difference and make a contribution as an organisation or an individual, to society. Connect with those outside your immediate professional circle through the conference’s inclusive design and find out how collaboration across sectors can make a difference.


Our lineup of inspiring speakers, panellists and facilitators includes:
Angel Dixon
2019 QLD Young Australian of the Year/CEO Attitude Foundation Ltd
Ben Peacock
Founder, Republic of Everyone
Zandy Fell
Director Zalt Group
Dr Agustin Chevez
Senior Researcher, Hassell Studio

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