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About Spark the Change Melbourne

Spark the Change is a global movement that connects and inspires people to build stronger, purposeful and more meaningful businesses and communities. It started  in 2014 in London, with Melbourne joining in 2015, changing its name from Dare Festival.

At Spark the Change Melbourne, Business and Social Impact Leaders, Academics, Disruptors and Innovators are here to share their experiences of positive change with you. This will provide an opportunity for you to stimulate ideas and start conversations that will help you innovate and change.

We have created an event with talks, discussions and facilitated collaboration incorporating these three areas:



Learn how to start making a change in your own work and life by finding and living through purpose. Learn the skills, methods and practices others have used to engage themselves in all aspects of their life.

Stories of inspiration

Be inspired by stories of people that you can relate to about creating work with meaning and purpose. Learn from the lessons and principles they have identified in their journeys.


Organisational purpose

Learn how people have used the ‘why’ to create and evolve organisations with purpose, motivating, empowering and engaging staff in the vision of their organisation. Learn how purpose and meaning in organisations is balanced with long term commercial sustainability and goals.

Partnering for Social Impact

Learn about how businesses, corporations and for- purpose organisations partner for positive social impact. Learn how to build the internal support to make a great idea into reality. Hear about the all-round benefits for those involved.


Collaboration, society, belonging

Connecting with like minded people is important, so you will be taught how to foster genuine connections through workplace collaboration. The event will also connect you with those outside your immediate professional circle through the conference’s inclusive design.


Support people doing work that they believe in. By participating in the conference, you show that you believe you can make a difference and you will attract inspired people who want to make one too. This is true as an organisation or an individual.

Who is this for…

Change requires collaboration

Everyone at Spark the Change – whether speaking or listening – are present to share experience, look for help, or learn.

Spark the Change is designed to appeal to people who are inspired to make a difference and want to understand how to do it in the context of their work. Our expected and targeted audience who will represent the majority of the crowd will be: Aspiring leaders passionate about having an impact, Corporate Social Responsibility Leaders, Social Responsibility Advocates, HR Leaders & Professionals, HR Professionals, Talent Acquisition Partners, Learning & Organisational Development, Trainers, Change Managers, Agile practitioners, Executive Coaches, Team Leaders, Managers, technologists, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Diversity is key. During lunch at our conference, a senior from Human Resources may share a salad with a junior customer support team member. At break, an Operations Director may share a macaron with an agency creative. And during happy hour, an IT leader may share a beer with a respected senior academic. Why not?

Spark the Change Worldwide

Since Spark the Change began, it has grown to include chapters around the world with new Spark the Change locations expected in the future. Today, Spark the Change is in 8 cities across the world with events in Casablanca, London, Toronto, Montreal, Pune, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Paris.

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