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Ben Peacock

Founder, Republic of Everyone

Sustainability needs creativity. Ben is making it his life’s work to bring the two together through strategy, ideas and a little bit of adventurous spirit.
Ben is founder of sustainability agency Republic of Everyone, co-Founder of the multi-award winning Garage Sale Trail and author of Lessons from My Left Testicle, a book about kicking cancer’s butt and learning to live.
As the architect of big impact, shared value ideas, he is chief architect of The 202020 Vision, a movement to create 20% more green spaces in our cities by 2020,  Sydney Water’s Beat the Bottle, a collective impact approach to cleaning up our rivers and waterways and Vote Climate for Ben & Jerry’s, a simple idea that rewards young people for enrolling to vote – then point climate, with a scoop of the finest.
Ben is a spokesperson for the Cancer Council, and a Director of the Future Business Councils, Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute and EdConnect.

In his spare time he surfs, plays guitar and dreams of life in a Kombi.

Write, fight, unite. Finding your inner changemaker

Session Outline
Ben founded Republic of Everyone on the idea that creativity is a powerful tool for change, too often wasted on asking you to change your brand of underwear, potato chip or toothpaste.
Over the last 12 years he has redeployed the darks art of marketing and advertising to do good in the world by writing ads, fighting campaigns and uniting people around ideas for everyone from Greenpeace to Patagonia.
In this talk he looks at the various kinds of ways you can deploy yourself to create change in the world, and provokes you to ask yourself, what kind of change maker am I?

Learning outcomes
Learn the basic ways of breaking down impact marketing and change campaigning, along with the strengths and values of each, through a series of real world case studies. More importantly, learn how to play to your strengths to deploy your personal talents in the most effective possible way.

How session fits with meaning and purpose in work & community
All change starts with string sense of personal purpose. By better understanding what you do well and what gives you energy, you will be able to be more effective in creating change in your work and everyday.