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Rebecca Tapp

Optimism Director at Future Crunch/Host of the Decoding Purpose Podcast

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Podcast: https://www.rebeccatapp.com/decodingpurposepodcast
EBook: https://www.rebeccatapp.com/decoding-purpose

For more than a decade Rebecca has immersed herself in the intersection between purpose and influence. In that time she has worked in partnership with on purpose pioneers, thought leaders and professional speakers who all have an ability to tell a compelling story that propels an idea into influence in turn creating positive social impact.

She is the Optimism Director at Future Crunch who are a global movement of scientists, artists, technologists and entrepreneurs that believes science and technology are creating a world that is more peaceful, transparent and abundant. The team are determined to share that story. Future Crunch create dynamic, entertaining, mind-blowing presentations, designed to make people think differently. She is the co-founder of One Dream United supporting leaders and organisations to identify, articulate, and integrate a purpose driven business strategy. She is also the creator of Impact I.D a consulting process designed to activate purpose driven Influencer and speaking brands.

Rebecca is also the host of Decoding Purpose a podcast designed to unlock the science, psychology, and the influences that generate meaning in our personal and professional lives. The podcast is designed to demystify purpose in order to unlock the kind of change that is good for us personally, good for business and good for the world.

The Dawn of Purpose 

Session Outline
We have entered the new dawn of purpose. In this new dawn, successful organisations will be those that lead with purpose, with a focus on creating meaningful experiences for people inside a business, and for external stakeholders, with a focus on creating social impact. They will be the organisations sharing stories of impact, inspiring people to take action. They will be the organisations who choose to be part of a greater social shift known as The Purpose Economy.

As emergent social trends shift the war for talent, it will be the organisations that focus on the alignment to purpose that will play a much bigger game, attracting talent based on a purpose fit in congruence with a skills fit. In those roles talent will be invited to self actualise, in turn yielding positive influence within an organisation and the greater community. 

Expected learning outcomes
Audiences will walk away from this presentation understanding the trends that are driving the purpose economy, in addition to gaining insights into the integration of purpose-driven business strategies. Business strategies that focus on both purpose and profitable business outcomes.


Website: https://www.rebeccatapp.com

Speaking: https://www.rebeccatapp.com/speakingonpurpose