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Richard Tri Parton

Director Liminel, Founder Organisational Agility & Positive Psychology Meetup

In 2018 Richard delivered a session at Spark the Change on Ikigai, one of the most highly rated and impactful sessions of the event. He is is back in 2019 to guide participants through an active learning process throughout the day, in order to apply the day’s learnings and Be the Spark into the future.

Richard brings nearly twenty years’ experience in creating, delivering and supporting organisational transformation in a variety of sectors. He is the founder and organiser of the long-running Organisational Agility & Positive Psychology meetup group at the University of Melbourne – all about how people can apply the emerging science of Positive Psychology to create thriving, human-friendly workplaces. 


Richard will facilitate a variety of sessions throughout the day for you to ‘takeaway’ learnings from the event.

He will use the 4 D’s Appreciative Inquiry, a simple yet powerful tool for creating transformational change. Each ‘D’ will have an introduction to science behind the approach plus an activity to apply that D, aligning with what is meaningful for you to takeaway from the day.

  • The first ‘D’: ‘Discovery‘ (appreciating existing strengths):

o   the science behind this, our negativity bias, and why taking a strength- based approach unlocks transformation

o   activity to apply

  • The second ‘D’ – ‘Dream’ (imagining the desired future):

o   what emerging science is showing us about the powerful impact of imagining ‘what could be’

o   activity to apply

  • The third ‘D – ‘Design’ (co-designing the desired future):

o    ’scaling’ is a powerful tool for developing small experiments to help you move forward

o    activity to apply

  • The fourth ‘D’ – ’Destiny’ (making plans to bring the desired future about):

o    goal-setting is so familiar it’s often underestimated. Why it’s so powerful, and tips for impactful goal setting from emerging research, e.g. use of WOOP goal-setting (‘Wish-Outcome-Obstacle-Plan’) etc

o    activity to apply, bringing it all together.