Ciara is Head of the Thriving Communities Partnership, with over 15 years’ experience working across government, corporate and the community sector addressing issues around hardship and vulnerability. Her experience, extensive network and vision for a better future for people experiencing vulnerability has catalysed the Thriving Communities Partnership.

At Yarra Valley Water Ciara developed pioneering approaches to customer support that have led to several ground-breaking programs and partnerships. The establishment of the highly regarded WaterCare program, and innovative partnerships with community organisations such as Uniting Kildonan have positioned Yarra Valley Water as a leader in supporting vulnerable community members. She has also driven new organisational capability and capacity to respond to issues such as family violence, diverse language groups and other factors of vulnerability.

Ciara’s expertise is called on by companies from across the services industry, and she recently completed a secondment to the Essential Services Commission to develop amendments to the Customer Service Code arising from the Royal Commission into Family Violence. She is a sought-after speaker, presenter and champion for responsible and sustainable approaches to address the drivers of vulnerability and hardship.

Panel member – ‘Cross-sector Collaboration for Thriving Communities’

Ciara will be participating in a discussion on ‘Cross-sector Collaboration for Thriving Communities’. Corporate and For-Purpose organisations are participating including Yarra Valley Water, Energy Australia and Consumer Policy Research Centre.