JoAnna Ferrari is ‘The Transition Specialist’. Joanna has transitioned and reinvented herself over 21 times during her life. She has transitioned from child to entrepreneur at 15, from sciences to entertainment and model at 21, from sales to executive at 34, from executive to international speaker/author at 38, moving her life from Chicago to Australia culminating in her most significant transition in 2013 from male to female. It was during this transition JoAnna had to draw on all her… courage, beliefs, survival instincts and fortitude as she went from broke and depressed back to trusted executive coach, author and speaker.

JoAnna is not only savvy about transitions and performance coaching, she is a wickedly sassy
storyteller. Her stories are funny, bold inspiring adventures of personal experiences that are
provocative and memorable. More importantly, they move an audience to feel and embrace,
not just hear her message. She calls this “The JoAnna Ferrari Experience”.

Talk – ‘Sparking Change Made Easy’

JoAnna is a master transitional and performance coach. Her session will provide you with what you need to know to embrace and excel in making a change for the better. All of JoAnna’s solutions and strategies are based on years of studies she has spent in cultivating her skills in leadership, negotiation, mediation, behavioural biology, human engineering, neurosciences and solutioneering, which is solution engineering.

JoAnna will help participants realise some simple adaptable concepts that make transitions easier and more enjoyable, then gives the keys to making the changes sustainable and duplicable. Her mission is “to change the world’s mind” by showing people transitions are not as scary as they think and that with just a little courage and curiosity, you can transform your own life into a satisfying and splendid experience you are proud to own.